Our Approach

Metzler’s advisory services are based on four core processes.  First and foremost, we create tailored investment strategies anchored upon each client’s specific objectives and tempered by a thorough understanding of market dynamics.  We then source, qualify and acquire the proper mix of assets to fit the strategy.  During the hold period, our asset management team combines objectives-based planning with outcomes-based execution to ensure excellent asset performance. Finally, we capture the targeted value creation by pursuing disciplined disposition of assets as they mature. Here is how it works:

Tailored Strategies

The most important thing we do for our clients is to help them achieve their investment objectives. We start by listening intently and then clearly understanding every facet of those objectives MORE

Informed Investments

Real estate investment takes place in a localized, inefficient market. Successful investment depends on an intimate knowledge of local conditions, local players and local practices. MORE

Active Management

We ensure successful investment performance through active asset management.  This includes a combination of portfolio- and asset-level strategic planning with on-the-ground tactical execution. We don’t simply supervise our property managers and leasing teams – we drive them to excel.

Metzler applies an iterative approach to asset management.  The key participants in this process are the client, the investment and asset management teams, and the on-site property management and leasing teams. Metzler, as asset manager, is responsible for managing this process and coordinating with each participant.

We remain actively engaged in all aspects of property management and leasing. We engage directly on a principal-to-principal basis in key lease negotiations, we oversee the planning and execution of major construction, repair and replacement programs in coordination with the on-site team, and we require regular accountability of the on-site team for accomplishing asset objectives.

We don’t simply supervise our property managers and leasing teams – we drive them to excel.

Disciplined Disposition

Metzler enters into each investment anticipating a range of detailed exit strategies, given different sets of market conditions. MORE

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