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Our News and Information section delivers relevant news about Metzler, our people and our work.

  • Brochure Metzler Real Estate

    Our core values have served our clients well over the centuries and underscore this promise – our clients take priority

  • About our clients

    Q. Tell me about your work with individual as well as institutional investors. Are there different strategies for each?


  • Our advisory services

    Q. Tell me more about Metzler's approach to advisory services.


  • Our investment process

    Q. Can you explain your investment process?


  • A different approach to deals

    Q. What makes Metzler's asset acquisition process so unique?


  • Our approach to Asset Management

    Q. Why does Metzler conduct a pre-acquisition asset review?


  • Our disposition process

    Q. When and how do you dispose of an asset for a client?


  • Our long-term outlook

    Q. When you talk about your approach to real estate investments in North America you often point to the approach your parent company, Bankhaus Metzler, has taken for 340 years. Why is that relevant to how you do business?


  • Our leadership

    Q. Can you tell me more about your senior team members?