Company Overview

Metzler Real Estate provides independent advice and tailored investment services to private and institutional clients investing in key north american real estate markets. Metzler envisions and executes customized investment strategies to realize our clients’ specific investment objectives. Our clients benefit from our clear focus on their unique goals, our active and disciplined approach to investment and our track record of stability and proven performance.

Unmatched Heritage
Metzler Real Estate is the north american affiliate of B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. KGaA (Bankhaus Metzler), the oldest private bank in Germany with an unbroken tradition of family ownership. Since its establishment in 1674, Metzler has evolved into a modern global investment bank and asset management institution. The bank specializes in independent advice for institutional customers and sophisticated private clients.  Metzler Real Estate was established in 1976 in Seattle, Washington. Metzler’s team of experienced senior professionals advises an elite clientele on more than USD 5 billion of assets under management.

Uniquely Metzler
Metzler Real Estate provides uniquely-independent advice and tailored services to private and institutional clients investing in principal north american real estate markets.

We think and act independently. We are committed to utmost objectivity when providing advice. We are totally dedicated to those we represent, to the preservation of their interests and success.

We act rather than react. We are engaged in the marketplace to actively seek out and capitalize on the inherent inefficiencies of that market. Metzler’s entrepreneurial culture frees us to creatively envision client strategies that take advantage of changing times and new market opportunities.

We invest rather than speculate. Metzler’s performance is shaped by our professionals who have decades of experience and a track record of success. We focus on what we know well – principal markets, property sectors and risk strategies. Metzler professionals use their knowledge, ideas, talents and capabilities to ensure our clients’ success.